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Monday, Nov. 24th - Day 3

Monday, Dec. 22nd, 2014 to Friday, Jan. 2nd, 2015
Holiday Break


Terrific Kids Monthly Characteristics

I honour myself and others through my words and actions.
I support our diversity of beliefs. 
I treat our world and everything on it with dignity.

I am accountable for the decisions I make.
I understand that my choices affect my friends and others around me.
When I say I'm going to do somethingh, I do it.

I work with others to make a peaceful community.
I am willing to listen to others’ ideas and suggestions.
I compromise and negotiate to solve problems and differences of opinion.


mathies - Interactive web support in math, for students/parents!


Drop off and Pick up Zones - For safety reasons we ask that you

please do not enter the parking lot with your car.

The probability of an accident is too high with so many children around

and with drivers backing up in such a tight space.

Please pull up to the curb beside the school, outside of the Bus Zone,

to drop your children off in the morning. Thank you for your co-operation!