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- Esteem Team visits Queen Elizabeth PS by Ms. Tyndale On December 18th, 2013, Benoit St. Armand, a Para Olympian visited our school and Queen Elizabeth was proud to host this Esteem Team Motivational speaker. Benoit St. Armand gave a presentation to students from Grade 4-8 on the effects of setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action Plan, Realistic, Timeline) goals in order to achieve personal aspirations, academic success, and making one’s dreams a reality. Benoit, who became a paraplegic as a teenager suffering from bone cancer, shared his story of struggles, making difficult decisions about his life and various successes he has encountered due to hard work and perseverance. Benoit St. Armand works with the Esteem Team which is a part of Motivate Canada, a non-profit organization working with professional athletes from the Olympic, Paralympic and National athletic associations to do motivational presentations to aid students in staying in school. The Esteem Team’s Role Model Program mandate includes athletes who will inspire and activate the minds of young students to pursue and achieve their goals. Benoit St. Armand left students in awe of his accomplishments and his positive demeanor was felt by all. Students Robert and Isaiah in 7-1 were student ambassadors to Benoit. They represented our school by being welcoming, aiding Beniot and presenting him to an audience of peers and younger students. They were great student role models. Thanks Robert and Isaiah. About Benoit: Benoit is Canada’s Paralympic ice sledge hockey goaltender. The team earned a gold medal in the 2006 Turin Paralympics, gold medal at the World Championships in 2008, bronze in 2009 and 4th place in Paralympics 2010. The Paralympics are being aired during the month of March. Benoit and his sledge hockey team will be going for gold at the 2014 Sochi Para-Olympics. Please check out You Tube for these events in support of such a dedicated and successful athlete. Click here for more info!

- Luv2Groove is back at Queen Elizabeth PS by Ms. Tyndale It was our great pleasure to host Luv2Groove at Queen Elizabeth on January 23rd. Raul Guevara, dance instructor and co-artistic director at Luv2Groove, presented workshops in hip hop and zumba to students in the grades 5 to 8 classes. These workshops complemented the dance (use of elements such as space, timing, body) and physical education curriculum (using different locomotor movements, travelling in various directions, being active) by encouraging students to be active, to move and have fun. Each workshop featured stretches, warm up and easy to follow routines in the style of hip hop and zumba. Students will be able to use their learning in dance and physical education in future lessons. Special thanks to all teachers and staff that supported this learning opportunity. Thanks to students who attended for participating and keeping an open mind. Thanks to Madam Deschenes and Mr. Cruise for their continued support of the arts in school initiatives. For more information about LU2Groove, please visit their website @ http://www.luv2groove.com/educators.html.

- BLG Reads! The holidays started a little early at Queen E this week. The primary students were paid a surprise visit by our friends from BLG (Borden Ladner Gervais) Reads to Kids program. For several years, the volunteers from BLG Reads have spent time in our school instilling a love of reading in our students by spending time reading with them. Today, BLG was happy to show us the beautiful holiday card designed by Natalie, one of our grade 3 students. Her card, along with other cards can be seen in this Youtube greeting. Today, our friends from BLG presented each and every one of our primary students with their very own “Witherspoon” teddy bear! Each bear was donated by a staff member at BLG, whose name appeared on the tag attached to the bear. The students were delighted and very thankful for such a wonderful surprise. To quote one of the students: “I’m happy because I’m going to play with my bear in my room and read to him!” Everyone here at Queen E would like to thank the wonderful staff at BLG for all that they do for our students!!

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- First Nation, Inuit and Metis Awareness Days in Spring 2013 - Queen Elizabeth embarked on bringing awareness of our indigenous peoples by organizing two very exciting awareness days for our students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. While classrooms continue to learn about the struggles and hardships endured by our indigenous peoples, as well as their contribution to shaping our Canadian society, these awareness days allowed students the opportunity to listen to traditional teachings, create artworks, hear stories, view dances, listen to keynote speakers and participate in assemblies with guest presenters and volunteers from each of our Aboriginal community. As part of our appreciation of their time, volunteers from the Aboriginal community were provided with lunch, catered by Ottawa Technical Secondary School (located on Donald St.). Some of our presenters and guests included members from the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Center, Wabano, Odawa Friendship Centre, as well as an elder from the Metis community and individuals from the First Nations and Inuit community. We also had a visit from Ms. Kopra, the OCDSB’s Aboriginal Instructional Coach. Thanks to Ms. Allen, Ms. Walker and Ms. Tyndale who teamed up to take on this initiative that involved our school population and community members. Also, we would like to thank teachers Ms. Ducharme, Mr. Spence, Ms. Harris, Ms. Jones (guest teacher), Ms. Penton, Ms. Parker, Ms. McMenamin and Ms. Allen and a co-op student for the workshops they offered in addition to our special guest presenters. Thank you to Madame Sharma and her class for making authentic Aboriginal cards for our guests on both days. Students enjoyed days filled with learning, laughing and fun.

- Our Very Own First Nation’s Mural
- In collaboration and partnership with Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition, Sakahan Art Project, the OCDSB’s Aboriginal Instructional Coach, Kristin Kopra, Rideau H.S. and the Ottawa Aboriginal H.S., 15 of our students from Grade 6-8 participated in art workshops with local Aboriginal artists, Brad Henry and Christina Moore. For five half days of workshops from September 23-27th, our 15 students learned about their Aboriginal heritage via storytelling, the Seven Grandfather Teachings (by an elder), and the possibilities of being an Aboriginal artist and more. Students created their own paintings to take home and collaborated with each other in order to create a mural, featuring aspects of the First Nation, Metis and Inuit cultures. This mural, along with Rideau’s mural, and many of the students’ paintings were unveiled on September 27th with special guests: Superintendent Ms. Susan MacDonald, Principal of Rideau HS, Mr. Geordie Walker, Ms. Wendy Dehler from Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition, Mr. Brad Henry, Ms. Kristin Kopra, the OCDSB’s Aboriginal Instructional Coach, Madame Deschenes, Mr. Cruise, Ms. Ducharme, Mr. Lepage, Mr. Szekely, Ms. Tyndale and several parents. Thanks to Ms. Tyndale and Ms. Ducharme for working with our partners and students on this project. Please look for our mural which is now proudly displayed in our hallway outside of the office thanks to Mr. Breton, our Chief Custodian.

First Nation’s Talking Sticks and Legends

- Queen Elizabeth P.S. was fortunate to be the recipient of a four day artist in residency grant thanks to an anonymous donor and MASC, a community partner who works with local artists in schools. While our school paid for the materials (thanks to Madame Deschenes) so that students could create their First Nation’s headband, totems (K-4) or talking sticks (grade 5-8), the rest of the grant paid for Daniel Richer, local First Nation artist, storyteller and Town Crier to be our guest for 4 wonderful fun filled days of workshops from November 4-7th. Students in the primary grades learned about the importance of totems and legends while in the junior and intermediate grades, students learned about the importance of talking sticks in the First Nations culture. On the last day, in two different assemblies, students were able to share their artworks and stories to an audience of their peers. Thanks to Ms. Tyndale for organizing this residency and to all our students and staff for making the week a very memorable and heartwarming one.

Drop off and Pick up Zones - For safety reasons we ask that you please do not enter the parking lot with your car. The probability of an accident is too high with so many children around and with drivers backing up in such a tight space. Please pull up to the curb beside the school, outside of the Bus Zone, to drop your children off in the morning. Thank you for your co-operation!